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Flowers - The Best Medicine

It is a proven fact that spending time in nature and being around flowers and plants can significantly improve our mental health. 

Whilst they may be a fleeting pleasure, the impact flowers have on a person's mood is lasting.  I can personally vouch for that. Any time I start to feel a little flat, I know I can improve my mood simply by stepping outside, taking Smithy for a walk, or having some flowers in my hands. It's one of the reasons I decided to re-launch Myrtle & Smith Flowers (more on that some other time).

With us all suddenly finding ourselves at home far more than usual, those of us that could found comfort in our own gardens.

A few years ago, in the midst of Covid, the RHS commissioned a survey which revealed the impact gardens and gardening had on people's mental health during the first lockdown. With 7 out of 10 of us confirming that our mental health (and physical too!) was improved by being outside, enjoying the garden, mowing the lawn, weeding and growing something new.

House plant sales have gone up too, as more of us invite these green friends into our homes, to nurture, grow and enjoy. You should check out Fergus, my fiddle leaf fern. A new member of the Myrtle household who joined us back in the Summer. I often share how he's getting on, on my instagram feed

I cannot stress enough how important a daily dose of nature is for everyone. Obviously, not all of us have access to our own gardens. And when the days are shorter, sometimes those who are working at home may go an entire day without stepping outside in the daylight. But you MUST. You don't need a garden to reap the benefits. Even a five minute walk around my local neighbourhood, admiring my neighbours' front gardens, hanging baskets and the trees along the high street can help my mood. Schedule some time into your working day to step outside. And for extra floral happiness pop a vase of blooms in your home too.

You don’t have to have huge displays in every room.  Even a single stem, next to your bedside or on your desk, will make a difference.

Colour and fragrance all play an important role in the life and reproduction of any plant or flower.  But these elements can also bring about calm, happiness, found memories and a sense of true well being for us humans too.

Scented flowers have healing qualities, lavender being well known for it's a calming properties. The bold zing of a yellow daffodil not only awakens the start of a new season, but our hearts too. 

So I'm here to champion you all to really stop, and smell the roses.  Run your hands through the rosemary and inhale deeply. Take a walk around your local neighbourhood and admire the front gardens, kick the autumn leaves around in your local park or bring a few stems into your home.

I promise that you will lose yourself in those moments, and I for one know that deep down, everything will be ok. A daily dose is all it takes sometimes.

Myrtle & Smith


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