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About Myrtle & Smith, Wedding & Event Florist

After a career in TV, I took the plunge and retrained as a florist, in order to follow a long held dream.  Myrtle & Smith was launched in 2013.


The name Myrtle had to be involved.  Not only is it a gorgeous plant that’s often used in wedding bouquets as a symbol of luck, love & desire, it was also my dads nickname for me.

In order to have him with me in some way on my own wedding day, I had loads of myrtle in my bouquet.  He was there, in spirit, as I walked down the aisle.  It's these little touches that I love bringing to my flowers at the weddings I work on and the events I help to create. 

Flowers are a passion and I truly love what I do.  Based in Twickenham, South West London, a stones throw from the river, with Richmond on my doorstep, I relish the chance to work with gorgeous blooms everyday, helping to tell those stories.


And Smith..? He's the four legged friend in my story.  A crazy, loveable Border Terrier, with a fondness for bacon and talking in his sleep.

Why not follow our story on instagram.  The link  is below.  We'd love to get to know you better.

If you would like me to help with your wedding or an event,  fill out the enquiry form on the contact page, or give me a call.

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